Aventurine gemstone donut pendant wrapped in 925 silver wire

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These   'swizzle ' pendants as I tend to call them, are simple pendants on cords, captured with silver wire in a spiral with a loop for the cord that can be adjusted easily by sliding the knots. They come in all colours and sizes so choosing one can sometimes be quite hard! Its like choosing from pick and mix the'yre all so yummy.

There is always an option for a silver chain with these also.please purchase separately

NB you may not recieve the actual stone in the photo. All my stones are top quality. Stones that vary in colour are labradorite moss agate jasper malachite etc. 

Be assured it will be equally as nice!

 THERE ARE VARIOUS DIAMETERS OF STONE please note the diameter sizes stated 

 Presented in a hand printed cotton pouch and recycled cards.

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